Man bumps into his wife at a lodging

A husband and wife who had been cheating on each other literally caught themselves pants down when they bumped each other at a lodging in the expansive Kulawayo estate near Nakuru. The man, a fish monger at the estate, had informed his wife that he wanted to travel to Western Kenya for an urgent family event that would take place the following day.

When the man was set to leave, he exchanged a few pleasantries with his wife and then left for the bus station. “Good bye dear,” she waved beaming with a charming smile. Unknown to her, however, the man was going nowhere near his rural home. He had instead made arrangements with another woman and they had agreed to meet at a nearby lodging facility. The idea of going to ‘Western Kenya’ was just a ruse to cover his amorous ways.

But in line with equality, his wife also thought that this was an opportune time to meet a man she had been surreptitiously having an affair with. She promptly called her lover to and they booked a room in one of the few lodgings available in the sprawling estate.

By coincidence, the lodging the woman and her lover booked was the same one her husband was holed up with another woman. In fact, unbeknown to them, they had booked adjacent rooms. Everything went on as planned and nothing seemed unusual until around 10pm when the unexpected happened.

The man who had ostensibly visited Western Kenya decided to call his wife, to assure her that his journey was smooth and hassle free. The first attempt to make the call was unsuccessful and he thought it was as a result of poor network. He decided to make the repeat call from outside the room.

After the second attempt, the call went through. But something baffled him: a familiar ring-tone sounded in the next room, seemingly generated from the call he was making due to the timing.

Then suddenly, the door flung flung open and a woman emerged clutching a phone. She was his wife! It was one of those awful moments when one wishes they could sink into the ground. The man discontinued the call and stared at his wife in silence and disbelief. He could not believe what was unfolding before his eyes.

But slowly, the bile rose and chest heaving, he thundered, “Truphena, what are you doing here? What is the meaning of this?”

Angry that he didnt seem to be aware that he was equally in hot soup, she raised her eyes toward the starry night and retorted,”Jeckonia, what are you doing here?”

Time stood still. They both gave each other strained, anguished looks, followed by nervous smiles. With a mixture of shame, guilty and resentment eating him up, the man said, “Truphena, let’s talk at home.”

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