Kenyan banker in dilemma after call girl refuses to leave his house

A Mombasa based banker is in deep dilemma after a prostitute he brought home last weekend refused to leave his apartment insisting that he should marry her.

The man, in his late 20s, had spent the evening drinking with his friends at a popular night club in Mombasa CBD when they were joined by a group of women when they were just about to leave.

It is reported that one of his buddies invited the women, who were dancing and gyrating suggestively at the club’s dance floor, for a drink for “livening” the night.

“Due to the fact that we were all drunk and poor of judgment, we decided to have more fun with the women for a fee. While my friends took their-picks to a nearby guest house, I asked mine to come with me to my apartment in Tudor estate as I felt I would spend less that way,” the man, who only identified himself as Davie, said.

“It turned out to be one of my worst mistakes in life so far!”

Though he was roaring drunk and slept like a log after barely two minutes of intercourse with the sex worker, Davie recalled: “I was surprised when I woke up at around mid-day to find out that the strange lady had gone to the kitchen and was preparing breakfast.”

Honest woman

Davie was nonetheless happy that his valuables including a phone, laptop and other electronic were intact.

She had also not picked a coin from his wallet even though it contained Sh10,000.

“I could not believe it, but I decided to hold on, eat the breakfast then see her off with Sh1,000 for her honesty,” he said.

Davie was, however, taken aback when the industrious woman began unpacking clothes from a briefcase she picked from under the table.

Before he could utter a word, she introduced herself as Lucy and politely asked him to relax and give her an ear.

Apparently, when the banker was lying in bed in a drunken state, the woman had gone outside, taken a bodaboda to her abode where she lived with her friends and rushed back to Davie’s bachelor’s apartment.

“She pleaded with me to let her stay promising that she would quit her job as a ‘night nurse’ to become my loyal housewife,” he said. “She begged in tears asking me not to turn her request down since it was evident that I was single.”

Being one who is easily moved with a female’s tear, Davie said he was robbed of his initial thought of wanting to chase the lady of the night who claimed to have reformed.

“I have a girlfriend I am engaged to who lives in Nairobi and she often comes here when she is on leave. She is also pregnant with my baby and I had promised to marry her in July. What am I going to tell her?”

To make the matter worse Davie’s circle of friends have taken to mocking him at every opportunity after he confided to one of them about his predicament.

“Whenever we are out having a drink, someone must raise the topic prompting the rest to mock me endlessly,” he said.

Although the call-girl is still holed up at his house to-date, Davie is still not ready to make her his wife but he has not yet mastered courage to order her out.

Every day he returns from work expecting to find the house messy so that he chases her away but finds it swept clean and is received with a warm almost apologetic hug followed by a hot meal. “She’s also very good in bed,” Davie confessed to Penzi Tamu.

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