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We love to celebrate the success of our members! We define "success" as anyone who benefits from our site regarding marriage, friendships, and romance. We're excited and proud of all of our successful members! We hope that you too will be the next to add your story to our ever-growing collection. If you met someone wonderful through this premier website, we'd love to hear your news. Share it! Here is a small selection of what clients have to say:-

Had my first booking last week, never done escorting before so had no idea what to expect so was quite nervous. Went for a meal on valentines night with a lovely lady who just wanted some company for the evening. After a little while I became comfortable and the nerves went. The evening went well and looking forward to my next booking.

Andrew, Nairobi

I was skeptical at first so I opted for 6 months. Within 10 days I had my first booking and everything was blessed from there on.

Rose, Nairobi

I wasn't making much from my general labour job, but came across this site, signed up, and now i am making some attractive amount of money providing services that i fancy most, not to mention tour guiding, hospitality services amonf others. lovin it!

Tom, Nairobi

I met my sponsor on your website. We met in June last year and got engaged in December last year. We are very happy together. We are forever grateful to your website and happy to be part of your success stories. We are very appreciative of WS for introducing us to each other.

Janet, Nyeri

My friend told me about the site and I decided to give a try, I was skeptical at first. The first guy I contacted wound up being not only very sexy but every SB's dream. He has been just wonderful and I think we have a good connection and whats best he lives down the road from me. I am so happy I found you and took the chance

Venice, Kisumu

Signing up was a doddle. waiting for that first booking to come took a few weeks, now I have a regular client and hopefully more to follow.

Collins, Embu

I been an escort for few years now, been signed up with a few different agencies. This one seems to have brought me the most luck with the gal dem sugar

Sally, Kapsabet

At last I have found a site with class and taste and with the kind of members that are a cut above the rest what a relief !!!!!!! Thanks for having the foresight to know there are people who need this sort of service and appreciate it

Marion, Nakuru

After joining, I researched the site. It's genius and of course exactly what was always needed -Thank you. I definitely think what you have done is worthy. You are a star! Again I say your concept is genius and very obvious as all good innovations are

Orion, Kisumu

I can see very clearly how my life has been preparing me to meet my 'match' and believe that we all have to do our work to get to a place where we are able to receive such a great love but your site was the final and divine piece of the path to bringing us together.

Jill, Kwale

Yes folks, this site works if you know what you're seeking & realize that it is attainable. I've found what I desire & am probably one of the luckiest dudes in world for having done so!

Victor, Malaba

Nimempata niliyemtafta! Mi kajipatia kijimama mwenye hela na mapenzi yasiyo ya kawaida. Sote twaridhishana. Nimeamini sasa kuwa upendo haujui umri. Na furaha mimi :)

Ali, Mombasa

"Hi, I am thrilled to share another success story with you! My sugar daddy (yes, sugardaddy) Chris and I love to have fun. And yes, we met on this dating site that we both signed up for. Loving every moment!

Joan, Kisii

You cannot imagine how reluctant I was about going on dating sites until I found yours. In a moment of inspiration I started to fill in the profile with all honesty and no expectations and it paid off. I am now having fun with my mr young man

Salome, Kitui

I am writing you to share an experience that may not have been possible without your dating site. I am thankful for the creation of such a platform that enables like-minded people to connect; people who are looking for something a little deeper than just a nice face and body

Gwen, Lodwar

Jim and I met on your site and are thrilled to express our gratitude for the part played by your site in bringing us together, the culmination of a lifelong search for a soul mate for us both. I have told many people about your site! It is like an oasis in the dating desert

Jeniffer, Namanga

Wow, I am so overwhelmed with massive joy and fulfillment! I had been on this site for over a 3 months and didn't really meet anyone I was compatible with and just before all hope was lost, I was contacted by "my heart" Suzy. She invited me into her reality and we both began this sweet life

Fred, Kiambu

I met two fantastic rich men on this site. We enjoyed each other's company for months. Things fizzled romantically but we remained great friends and still get together for dinner, drinks, and laughs. From day one they were complete gentlemen.

Winny, Kitale

I met my sponsor here and we just started talking on phone/texting. He is from san diego usa but lives here in Mombasa. We physically met for the first time last friday and we went spend three days together. He flew and picked me up to attend to a live jazz that night. i stayed with him at his beach home. he's an incredibly caring and generous man and we hit it off pretty much immediately.

Asha, Mombasa

We met on your site two months ago. Corresponded for three weeks then he flew from Sweden to Eldoret to meet me. It was amazing and he's flying back to see me again soon. I'm planing to go there in may to meet his family. We are both so happy. Thank you.

Eunice, Eldoret

From the moment we started chatting on this site we both knew we had found our perfect match. I live in Lamu and she lives in Machakos, but the distance between us could not prevent our love from flourishing. We are dating now but we are both committed to spending the rest of our lives together and in love. In my eyes she is the most beautiful lady in the world and she says that I am beautiful as well. Our dreams would not have come true were it not for this site.

Bradford, Lamu

I am going to focus only with him. We're dating and very much compatible with each other. Hope that this is forever because I can't imagine life without this wealthy and truely loving man. I also sent our picture together

Nelly, Nairobi

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