How it Works is the #1 adult entertainment and companionship website that was designed to ease up meetings with prospective men and women of all eligible ages and all backgrounds. It's aimed for those adults who seek to connect online then offline for friendship, companionship, entertainment, massage, wellness and more. Our revamped website offers splendid service for all registered members in a pleasurable environment.


Explore to better understand how it works. You can know more about each companion just by clicking on their profile. You will get the complete details which you need to know. You may be required to login before using some of the contact features. You'll have the opportunity to get in touch with a companion by viewing their contact info. Plus, you'll also get to view their bio and photos. Get to know the companion before you meet up. Each listed member has an image that looks more like them.

The Aspiring

Also referred to as 'ladies for hire' or 'guys for hire', our aspiring members provide passionate services by hiring out their time and companionship. They see it as a rewarding way to earn a second income while meeting interesting people and having fun! Our 'members for hire' offer reliable & intuitive adult entertainment, companionship, and pleasing eye-candy massage service for the discerning client.

The Affluent

Successful and sophisticated. Executives, expatriates, tourists, professionals,... and the like. Seeking companions with drive that parallels their own. Their affluent lifestyle calls for a confident companion with charm. As a man or woman of self-made success, they value great friendships and service offerings. We've the most kind, hospitable, fun members to make your dreams a reality.


Occasionally, a client may need to hire you for a massage service, to guide them through your town, or to accompany them to a foreign trip, business conference, a night out, a vacation or something similar.

* City Guide * Dinner Date * Night Out * Massage Session * Adult Fun * Escort service * Entertainment * Events * Movies * Leisure-pleasure * Training * Fixes * Meet-greet-assist + more services


As soon as your profile is live on the website it's available for booking by clients, both local and foreign. You will be contacted directly via the contact form on your profile or mobile phone (if available). As a client, you can look through our selection of profiles to find the companion that fits your taste and they can be at your door with just a few clicks and a phone call away!


If you choose to charge for your time, the hourly rate you choose will appear on your profile along with your contact details. It's completely up to you to decide whether to charge or how much to charge. As a member for hire, you're also at liberty to set your working hours, availability, and mode of payment. The fee is yours to keep, we do not take a cut out of your earnings.


It's upon the companion and the client to agree on where to meet; usually a public setting or the companion's place. When you meet the client ensure you agree on all modalities before the start of the date. Safety and privacy is key.

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