About me:

27 year old Female from Kitui, Kenya
Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Becky.

Upon first meeting me, you'll notice my warm smile, my honey eyes and then my accent. At first glance, you might mistake me for young and innocent. But you will soon discover that I am no such thing.

I love to tease and stir with my playful nature. I am also a deeply caring person who you won't be able to resist opening up to. For a young woman, I have traveled and immersed myself in various cultures, followed my passions, and am quite self assured. However, I am always curious to learn more about the world so I look forward to hearing about your interests and views.

I embody the truest girlfriend experience by providing you with companionship, intimacy, seduction, passion and excitement.

I am highly mobile. You can meet me in Mwingi, Mutomo, Kwa Vonza, Mutitu, Ikutha, Kabati, Migwani, Mutonguni, Mbitini and Kyuso. Also countrywide (eeh!)

I look forward to our first encounter.
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LooksUltra Sexy

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